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PRE-K Supply List

1 Full size student backpack - No rolling ones
1 Kinder Mat (along with a small pillow and blanket)
A Change of Clothes (shirts, pants/skirt, underwear)
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Bag of Baby Wipes
1 Clorox Wipe Container
2 Small Boxes of Crayons
2 Bottles of Glue
Beautiful Stuff Project
These are random materials found around the house that can be used for construction projects for ort in the PreK classroom. It's a type of recycled art. The following are examples of STUFF you can gather over the summer
and/or throughout the school year and donate it to our classroom for continuous learning in Pre-Kl =D
Bottle cops (actual caps of anything)
Parts of boxes
Plastic parts not in use
Old ribbons
Rocks, etc.