The K-JBHS News is proud to introduce our new weekly show starting this week! The K-JBHS News is brought to you each week by Johnson Bayou students. Student announcements are pre-recorded on Thursdays and shared with students and staff via classroom monitors at the beginning of each week. These students learn all facets of the production process and rotate through the various areas of responsibility to get a solid, well-rounded introduction to the world of news broadcasting. 


Watch our Rebel students deliver the morning announcements on video! Just click on the link "Weekly News Videos" and look for this week's broadcast!


As part of the show, we would like to include you. There are two ways you can be a part of the show: Submit a joke or share your photos! We would love to highlight some of your photos and listen each week to see if your joke was picked!  Please submit photos of your class, club, team or organization! 


Click Submit Jokes to send in your jokes!

Click the Submit Photos to add your photos!