Visit GOOGLE SITE & GOOGLE CLASSROOM for up-to-date information.
GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Students have a class code to enter google classroom. Parents must receive an invite email access google classroom. Email me if you have not received an invite. 



Welcome to JBHS SCIENCE CLASS! I am excited to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to welcome you to my class. Be sure to visit my google classroom site often for up to date information and check a view photos of our activities! This is my 2nd year teaching after graduating from McNeese May of 2019 with a desire to teach high school science. Unlike most recent college graduates, I graduated from Grand LakeHigh School 18 years ago. Through those years, I enjoyed traveling and being a stay at home mom. I am married to my husband, Chad and we have two girls, Aliana and Alisia, along with my two bonus kids Megan and Chadwick.


I am passionate about teaching science and I enjoy using technology as much as I can in the classroom. In fact, I will be utilizing Google Classroom for all class materials, instructions, notes, and class assignments. I’m asking students to watch on their own time approved posted videos in place of homework. I hope while away from the classroom, they can receive further subject knowledge at home through instructional and educational videos.


Science is my favorite subject because it helps us better understand what’s happening in the world around us. We will be implementing the Louisiana Student Standards for Science curriculum provided to us by the state as well as the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS.) Please visit Louisiana Believes for more information.


Thank you for your hard work and dedication in advance. This year will hold wonderful learning opportunities for you to excel beyond the classroom. Please continue to check your student portal for student outcomes and progress. If you have any information that can help aid me to better understand your needs it is much appreciated. I am looking forward to a fun-filled and educational year that you will enjoy and want to explore the world of science.